The League is a three-tier organization that provides a League presence and opportunity for citizen education and action at the national, state, and local levels.

The League of Women Voters of the United States works at the national and international level.

All fifty State Leagues are affiliated with LWVUS. Persons living in areas without a local League are encouraged to become Statewide Members by paying dues directly to the state League.

Local Leagues are often organized by county, and some cities have local leagues. 


Click on the links below to go to a Local League's home page or to learn more about LWV in your area.

Contact: Sandy McCrea, [email protected]
Donate to the Chattanooga League
Connect with the Chattanooga League on facebook

Hendersonville/Sumner County
Contact: Nancy Lawson & Melissa Barnett, [email protected]
Connect with the Hendersonville League on facebook

Jefferson County
Contact: Cat Faber, [email protected] 
Connect with the Jefferson County League on facebook

Knoxville-Knox County
Contact: Lisa Carroll, [email protected]
Connect with Knoxville League on facebook

Memphis-Shelby County

Contact: Sherry Hewlett, [email protected] 
Connect with Memphis League on facebook

Murfreesboro/Rutherford County
Contact: Megan Carter & Mary Catherine Sevier, [email protected] 
Connect with Murfreesboro League on facebook


Contact: Lara Webb, [email protected] 
Connect with Nashville League on facebook

Northeast TN
Contact: Gwynn Mettetal, [email protected]
Connect with NE League on facebook

Oak Ridge 
Contacts: Carolyn Dipboye, [email protected]
Connect with Oak Ridge League on facebook

Williamson County
Contact: June Bond, 
[email protected]
Connect with Williamson County on facebook

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