Voter Restoration


Restoration of Voting Rights (RVR) is at the heart of our democracy — the right to vote.  More than 420,000 Tennesseans with past felony convictions are barred from voting.  They represent one in twelve adults in the state. 
Tennessee laws for voter restoration are much more restrictive and complex than in the majority of states. This is reflected in the fact that less than 4% of eligible individuals have had their voting rights restored as of 2016. Many who are disenfranchised do not know they can restore voting and other civil rights—or the options for doing so.
And most Tennesseans are unaware of these problems. 

The League of Women Voters Stance

We believe RVR issues must be addressed with 3 goals in mind: education, outreach, and advocacy. Together, we can help make democracy work for all Tennesseans. We need your support in big or in small ways.

Your help is needed for the following tasks:
We welcome additional ideas to support this initiative.

RVR Coordinator: Kathy Greenberg, [email protected]

Voting Restoration Webinars

November 13 (Virtual): Restoring Voting Rights in TNPaula Brown, Public Policy Committee Chair, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Greater Knoxville Chapter, Kathy Greenberg, Coordinator, LWV of Tennessee: Restoring Voting Rights, Joy Radice, Associate Professor of Law & Director of Clinical Programs, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Law and Yvonne Webb, Trainer & Provider of Assistance to People wanting to restore their voting rights. Watch HERE

July 8 (Virtual): Restoring Hope: Restoring Rights Understanding Legal Issues in Restoring Voting Rights -  Chris Martin, Public Defender, Community Law Office Experience in East, Middle, & West Tennessee and Joy Radice, Associate Professor of Law & Director of Clinical Programs The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Law. Watch HERE