Need to register to vote?

Tennessee’s online voter registration system offers a convenient way for people to easily register to vote or change their address if they move. 

You can also download a Tennessee voter registration application and submit it to your county election commission.

You can also check your status or learn more about the registration process.



Tennesseans must still register online or use a paper form at least 30 days before an election to vote.


Photo ID Laws in TN

All Tennessee voters must present a government-issued photo ID whether voting early or on Election Day at the polls.

Acceptable ID Forms (even if expired) includes any federal or Tennessee government issued ID with the individual’s name and photo such as:

– Tennessee driver’s license

– Other photo ID issued by the TN Dept of Safety

– U.S. Passport

– Other photo ID issued by Federal or TN government

– U.S. Military photo ID

– Tennessee handgun carry permit with photo

If using an expired form of photo ID, first-time voters who register by mail are required to provide a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the voter’s name and address.

Unacceptable ID Forms:

– College student ID

– Photo ID that was not issued by the federal or Tennessee state government

– County or city-issued photo ID, such as a library card

– Photo ID issued by other states

Photo ID for STUDENTS:

All registered voters need to show a valid photo ID when they go to the polls. A student ID from high school or college is NOT acceptable for voting purposes. If individuals do not have a driver’s license or other photo ID issued by Tennessee or the federal government, they can get a TN Identification License with this list of necessary documents at the nearest DMV office and a form that can be used to prove residency.

Indigent Voters:

Registered voters who are indigent and lack a valid ID, may get a free photo ID to use exclusively for voting by going to a Driver Service Center and filling out an affidavit.

Registered voters who are exempt from Tennessee’s photo ID requirement are: 

– Absentee voters who vote by mail

– Residents of a licensed nursing home or assisted living center who vote at the facility

– Hospitalized voters

– Voters with a religious objection to being photogr