LWV Northeast TN: "Love Your League" Program

Sunday, February 18, 2-3:30p
Upstairs Food City Community Room
920 North State of Franklin, Johnson City

Join us for our special “Love Your League” program on February 18. Our program combines the observation of two February events, Valentine’s Day and the anniversary of forming the LWV (in February 1920), into a celebration of the ways we can participate, support, and expand the work of the LWV-NETN—your League.  
We will have a brief preview of our spring programs and a few testimonials from our youngest and our "most seasoned" members about why they love our league.
We will then move to a round of speed dating at tables where Board members will share information about LWV-NETN programs and opportunities to participate.  There is no pressure in this event though— there are many ways to support our league through your time, your talent, and your "treasure," from one-time quick and simple activities to more involved and ongoing participation.  Our hope is for you to find your “perfect match” and find true happiness in your relationship with your League. 

Then in honor of the League's birthday, we will celebrate with birthday cake and you can discuss the "gifts" that you might give to our League to help us effectively educate and advocate for a large turnout for a democratic election. 

February 18, 2024 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Will you come?

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